Spent my new year holidays watching Korean movies. All of the movies are great and it’s fun to watch different genres as well :D Personally, I prefer movies than dramas.

My short reviews

The Crucible/Silenced: Based on true events, this movie is awesome but it’s kind of heartbreaking to watch. I mean how could they abused disabled children, that is just disgusting and it’s pretty surprising that the teachers, the officers and others didn’t take any action. Well it’s kind of obvious that the system is corrupted. Some scenes were quite disturbing but overall the actors were quite good especially the children. I do recommend this movie to everyone since it brought awareness towards child abuse. 

The Thieves: I watch this movie online because I couldn’t watch it in the cinema and the subtitles were horrible. So I will definitely watch it once again when there is a good one or I ‘ll just buy the DVD. I can’t say much since I couldn’t understand most of the parts but overall the plot and the characters are quite good. 

Chilling Romance/Spellbound: This movie is quite good than I expected. Some parts are funny, some are creepy and yeah it’s a horror romantic-comedy movie and I think the main actors did a good job on the characters especially Son Ye Jin.

Sunny: I love how the movie is set in 80’s and the current time and it’s all about friendship. I guess this movie is much more suitable for the ladies but overall it’s quite funny especially the fighting scene and I learnt some bad words from this movie :D Apart from that, I’m not really sure how they got into their separated ways, i guess it’s a black hole lol and personally I liked Kang Sora’s acting here compared to her role in Dream High 2. 

Return to Base: Soar into the sun: I watch this one in the cinema and the subtitles were quite fast so, the first part of the movie is quite sleepy for me but I loved the climax though. It was quite a thriller and some parts are funny as well. 

Marrying the mafia 4: I never watch the first three franchise but this movie was okay. It was funny though but not one of favourite. Maybe I should watch the other franchise.

Latest review (5/2/2013)

I’ve just watched the legit of subtitle of The Thieves and i really liked it. The plot is awesome and the actors/actresses did a good job on the characters especially Jeon Jihyun :D Maybe i’m a bit biased lol. Overall it’s quite a good movie which it’s worth to watch and also you will never what to expect towards the end of the movie. Hope there will be part 2 since i don’t like the last few minutes of the movie

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